PWT 6089 Vario [EL LP] - Gentle laundry care

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Wet cleaning of textiles

Wet cleaning of sensitive textiles such as suits is an essential component of modern fabric care. WetCare, the original wet cleaning system developed by Miele, achieves superior cleaning results and offers numerous advantages compared to chemical cleaning: The textiles smell pleasantly fresh, water soluble soiling is flushed away in an optimum way and the environment is protected.
Special drying basket

Gentle drying of textiles

The drying basket allows particularly gentle drying of delicate special and synthetic textiles. It can also be used, for example, for drying trainers without mechanical action. When needed, the basket can be placed into the drum with one easy movement.
Exclusive to Miele
Honeycomb drum

Gentle fabric care thanks to honeycomb structure

The sculptured structure of the honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water in the washing machine between the drum wall and the laundry. The laundry glides gently on this film and is treated with optimum care. In the tumble dryer, the sculptured honeycomb structure creates an air cushion between the drum wall and the fabric. Cushioning the laundry in this way ensures gentle fabric care for perfect drying results and a perfect laundry finish.
Perfect Anti-crease


If laundry is not removed promptly at the end of the program the dryer will tumble the laundry at regular intervals. This effectively prevents creasing.