Miele Professional Introduces MasterLine Dishwashers for Residential and Commercial Use

Miele unveils three new models with advanced freshwater systems for a diverse range of uses

Miele Professional, a global leader in state-of-the-art, commercial-grade appliances, is introducing MasterLine, a new series of dishwashers designed to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial users. MasterLine sets new standards for hygiene assurance, efficiency and convenience, with powerful cleaning performance on two levels, short cycle times and an array of accessories available.

The MasterLine series features three distinct models catering to a diverse range of needs, from the compact yet powerful PFD 401 and the PFD 404 with increased hygiene, to the NSF 3-classified PFD 408. With its versatile range, MasterLine guarantees a perfect fit for every application, whether in fine dining establishments, wineries, breweries, healthcare facilities or office settings. MasterLine machines are engineered with a state-of-the-art built under, tankless freshwater system that elevates dishwashing to new heights.

“MasterLine’s advanced freshwater system not only eliminates the need for pre-rinsing but also ensures impeccably clean dishes and glassware with consistent high cleaning performance and hygiene," stated Scott Lombardi, U.S. Country Director, Miele Professional. "With fresh water introduced for each cycle, MasterLine’s tankless system ensures superior cleanliness and sanitation compared to the conventional tank system commonly found in commercial dishwashers."

Unparalleled Hygiene

With gold Level 3 Virus Hygiene and silver Certified Hygiene Quality seals from the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology, users can rest assured that MasterLine dishwashers provide unparalleled, proven hygiene, removing more than 99.9 percent of viruses (including coronaviruses) when used in combination with Miele ProCare Shine detergents, and 99.999 percent of most bacteria.

Other user-friendly features and benefits include:             

  • Easy-to-use Touch Controls with intuitive navigation, easy language selection and a status monitoring window, offering convenience at every step
  • Powerful cleaning performance on two levels, with a large wash cabinet, and three spray arms and a strong circulation pump to ensure a thorough cleaning
  • Flexible basket configurations, including the ability to use plastic baskets on both levels, and a height-adjustable upper basket, which can be reconfigured to suit the items being cleaned
  • Large selection of accessories available for purchase to optimize your MasterLine dishwasher for specific applications

Comprehensive Sales and Support
MasterLine is available for purchase through Miele's dedicated residential team and a network of trusted distributors, guaranteeing exceptional sales support and expertise. Moreover, Miele is committed to providing customers with comprehensive technical support for their MasterLine machines, including tailored maintenance contracts to uphold optimal performance over time. Additionally, customers can benefit from a wide range of practical accessories and consumables designed to enhance their dishwashing experience and maximize efficiency.

As the successor of acclaimed models like the PG 8056 and PG 8061, MasterLine upholds Miele's reputation for premium quality, innovation and durability in dishwashing technology. MasterLine dishwashers undergo rigorous testing, including an endurance test for 28,000 program cycles (equivalent to 10 years of use). These tests simulate practical conditions and assumed user behavior, drawing from extensive experience with test customers and sales data to ensure optimal performance and reliability in real-world scenarios.

For more information about the MasterLine dishwashers, please visit https://www.mieleusa.com/p/masterline-dishwasher-5067.htm or contact our team today.

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