Miele EcoFlex Dishwashers feature greater speed, consistency and loading convenience

New program to produce spotless, sparkling dishware in less than an hour

Princeton, NJ – Miele, the largest family-owned luxury appliance manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of a new generation of dishwashers that offer solutions to consumer needs: reliable cleaning and drying results, short cycle times and flexible organization. Featuring the new QuickIntenseWash program and connection with the new Miele@Mobile app, Miele’s EcoFlex dishwashers will wash and dry dishware and cutlery in just under and hour, without compromising cleaning performance.

“Miele is passionate about delivering superior, high quality appliances that exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Dirk Sappok, Director of Product Development at Miele USA. “We consistently challenge our research and development teams to push the limits of what’s possible to create products with features that define Miele as a true innovator, and we have done that with our new EcoFlex line of dishwashers.”

With the new QuickIntenseWash program, Miele has perfected a fast, yet intense, wash and dry cycle. In under 58 minutes, the new EcoFlex dishwashers have the capability to wash and dry anything from a casserole dish to delicate plates and glassware without residue or a spot or in sight. Miele is also launching newly developed UltraTabs Multi formulated specifically for the EcoFlex and the QuickIntenseWash program. Unlike conventional multi-component tablets, Miele's ingredients dissolve completely within two to three minutes resulting in a fast and effective wash.

New Heat Storage Technology
The new Miele dishwashers achieve exemplary energy efficiency through, amongst other features, an EcoTech heat storage unit.* This device comprises two separate water circuits in a heat-exchanger unit. One circuit transports fresh tap water, the other contains hot water from the last program stage which circulates to pre-heat the fresh water in the reservoir. This means that less electricity is required to heat the incoming water, improving the product’s energy efficiency.

Even Greater Flexibility and Loading Convenience
Since the introduction of the patented and adjustable 3D cutlery tray, Miele has been the benchmark in terms of loading flexibility, enhanced through adjustable features such as hinged spikes in the upper and lower baskets. Catering to the individual needs of Miele customers, this feature conveniently and securely accommodates tall stemware, large platters or bulky pans and dishes. EcoFlex dishwashers take this flexibility to the next level.

The new 3D+ cutlery tray features two hinged rows of spikes in the central section to ensure knives are securely positioned. The spikes can be lowered to create space for large ladles, whisks and spatulas.

The lower basket features the new height-adjustable FlexCare glass holders, which consist of fiber-reinforced, tactile plastic surfaces in order to secure smaller items. The addition of new silicone rests will keep tall stemware securely in place.

All operable elements in the new EcoFlex models, which can be removed or swung to one side, are highlighted in orange. These FlexAssist markings combined with symbols, such as a cup or wine glass, help users load their dishware for optimal cleaning performance.  

Using the free Miele@Mobile app, Lumen and Diamond EcoFlex dishwashers can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or tablet. The app includes program selection, program start and a status indicator. Ensuring the user is always prepared to run the product, the app includes the ShopConn@ct function. Once activated, a message is automatically sent to the mobile device when tablets, rinse aid or salt needs to be replenished. From there, convenient reordering via the Miele online store is only a few clicks away.

Dishwasher Recognition
Miele’s Classic Plus dishwasher and the entire EcoFlex dishwasher line have recently received distinctions by two prestigious institutions. The above listed dishwashers have been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2017. Additionally, the same products earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

The Miele EcoFlex dishwashers will be available for purchase beginning in April at Miele Experience Centers and Authorized Dealers. Click here to find a dealer located near you. The EcoFlex dishwashers start at $1,399.

*EcoTech available on Lumen and Diamond Models only.

About Miele
Founded in Germany in 1899 with a single promise of Immer Besser, a phrase meaning Forever Better, Miele has dynamically grown to become the world’s largest family-owned and operated appliance company with more than 16,600 employees, 12 production facilities and representation in nearly 100 countries. As a premium appliance brand represented on all continents, Miele is steadfastly committed to the highest quality, performance and environmental standards. Miele’s range of exceptional consumer appliances includes: vacuum cleaners; laundry systems; rotary irons; dishwashers; ranges; built-in convection, speed, steam and combi-steam ovens; cooktops; ventilation hoods; refrigeration; wine storage and espresso/coffee systems.

To learn more, visit www.mieleusa.com, www.facebook.com/mieleus, www.youtube.com/mieleus and follow us on Instagram @MieleUSA.

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