Miele Bielefeld Factory Produces 20 Millionth Dishwasher

90 years after Miele launches Europe's first electric dishwasher

Bielefeld, May 17, 2019. – What began 90 years ago was to become a most extraordinarily arresting success story – marked by impressive technical milestones and millions of satisfied customers. The most recently produced 20-millionth dishwasher is a G 7310 SC CLTS. This means that it belongs to the G 7000 generation, launched, in Europe only, in autumn of last year. Thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk, this model to celebrate the anniversary dispenses automatically.

Whether intuitive color M Touch display, unparalleled loading convenience, smartphone controls or the aforementioned automatic dispensing – these features render the Miele G 7000 peerless in the marketplace. It also marks the company’s heritage in developing the most advanced technology of its time.

First saw the light of day 90 years ago
Naturally, the predecessor of the G 7000 dating back to 1929, launched by Miele as Europe's first electric dishwasher, was far removed from such an illustrious feature set. That early version consisted of a round metal tub with two baskets for plates and cutlery. Piped hot water was inconceivable in those days; hence, the dishwasher had to be filled manually. The water was sprayed over cups, plates and cookware for several minutes by an electrically powered propeller. Unfortunately, this visionary and highly plausible principle was unable to assert itself. “The machine was quite expensive – and the few people who could have afforded it had maids to do the housework,” explains Dr. Markus Miele, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, as he turns back the pages of time.

The dishwasher only took off in earnest in private homes around 1960 when Miele in Bielefeld turned over production from bicycles and motorized bicycles to manufacturing fully automatic dishwashers. From the pre-wash cycle through drying, everything in by now three dishwashing programs was controlled fully automatically. In 1978, Miele introduced the world's first dishwasher with microcomputer controls and sensors, further simplifying machine use whilst at the same time slashing both water and electricity consumption. Nowadays, sensors are even able to detect the degree of soiling and the hardness of the water supply.

Further developments create fresh impetus
A further milestone followed in 1987: With its patented cutlery tray, Miele created a third tier which, since 2010, has been height-adjustable and included sliding sections. With the introduction of AutoOpen, which automatically opens the dishwasher door at the end of a cycle to the ajar position in 2010, Miele also improved drying. This was followed in 2013 by fully integrated models with Knock2open: With this feature, a slight tap on the door opens the dishwasher automatically – without the need for a handle, which would otherwise spoil the aesthetics in a completely flush and handle less kitchen.

Throughout the years, one thing has always been at the focus of Miele attention: Lower water and electricity consumption without compromising user convenience and top-class dishwashing performance. Miele has achieved much in this respect – as convincingly evidenced not least by numerous Energy Star Most Efficient dishwashers.

About Miele
Founded in Germany in 1899 with a single promise of Immer Besser, a phrase meaning Forever Better, Miele is the world's leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances with more than 20,100 employees, 12 production facilities and representation in nearly 100 countries. As a premium appliance brand represented on all continents, Miele is steadfastly committed to the highest quality, performance and environmental standards. Miele’s range of exceptional consumer appliances includes: vacuum cleaners; laundry systems; rotary irons; dishwashers; ranges; built-in convection, speed, steam and combi-steam ovens; cooktops; ventilation hoods; refrigeration; wine storage and espresso/coffee systems.

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