PLW 8505 [115 V] - Laboratory glassware washer with powerful circulation pump for laboratory applications.--stainless steel exterior
  • with powerful circulation pump for laboratory applications.--stainless steel exterior

PLW 8505 [115 V]
Laboratory glassware washer with powerful circulation pump for laboratory applications.

  • Perf./cycle, e.g., 39 narrow-neck/lab glassware w/ injectors

    Further loading options

    At the same time it is possible to clean other laboratory glassware in the upper basket.
  • Simple operation – LCD color display with Touch on Glass 

    Touch on Glass

    The high-quality, flush-fit glass surface is particularly easy to clean. The innovative operating concept "Touch on Glass" facilitates quick access to all the programs and settings.
  • Dispense process chemicals easily: 2 integrated dispenser pumps
  • With DI water connection – final rinse with demineralized water
  • Have everything in view thanks to the full-glass door
EAN: 8051160650637 / Article no. 62850501USA / Mat. no. 11093230
PLW8505 [115 V]

Product details - PLW 8505 [115 V]

Construction type and version 
Construction type
FS/UC applicance, slim
Full-glass door

Full-glass door

The full-glass door enables visual observation of the wash cycle.
Outer casing
Stainless steel
Can be built-under

Can be built under a worktop

The machine can be easily integrated under a worktop.
Electrical door lock
Buzzer, acoustic signal at end of program
Service-friendly design

Easy-to-service construction

Short service times thanks to maintenance-optimized machine design.
Suitable for laboratories

Perfect for laboratories

These laboratory washers meet laboratory requirements particularly well. Thanks to their powerful wash technology and variety of programs, including flexible loading variations for the most diverse of laboratory glassware, they facilitate fast and analytically pure reprocessing.
Narrow-neck glassware per cycle [number]
Performance data 
Circulation pump Qmax in (l/min)
0.0 (450)
Maximum final rinse temperature in °F (°C)
199 (93)
Wash cabinet usable capacity in cu.ft (l)
5.33 (151.00)
Control system
Electronic controls
Program selection
Touch on glass
Short-cut buttons

Shortcut buttons

Quick and convenient access to frequently used programs.
Programs [number]
Free program positions [number]
Time left display
Program sequence indicator
Selectable display languages

Adjustable display language

No misunderstandings: The user can select his/her language of choice from a number of different options. All display notifications appear in this language, so that the highest level of operating safety is ensured.
Standard electrical connection 
Electrical connection
AC 115V 60HZ
Heater rating in kW
Total connected load in kW
Fuse rating in A
NEMA plug: 5-20
Length of power cord in ft (m)


The length refers to the supply lead on the outside of the appliance.
6 (2.00)
Water connection/drainage 
Cold water [number]
Hot water [number]

Efficient hot water connection

Connection to the warm water supply saves a lot of time and energy.
Fully demineralized water [quantity]

DI water supply

Thanks to the connection for fully demineralized (DI water), these washer-disinfectors and thermal disinfectors facilitate optimum reprocessing results. Rinsing with fully demineralized water also protects valuable wash items from deposits and corrosion.
Required flow pressure in kPa

Note on highly purified water variants

This value applies to cold, hot, and fully demineralized water; however, it does not apply to the DI water intake for the highly purified water variants as a feed pump is used in this case.
Maximum water hardness (cold water/hot water) in gpg (mmol/l)
Drain pump [DN]
0 7/8 (22)
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, net height in inches
33 1/2 (850)
External dimensions, net width in inches
23 5/8 (600)
External dimensions, net depth in inches
24 13/16 (630)
External dimensions, gross height in inches


Including packaging 
39 13/16 (1,010)
External dimensions, gross width in inches


Including packaging 
31 (786)
External dimensions, gross depth in inches


Including packaging 
29 3/16 (740)
Wash cabinet, usable height in inches (mm)
25 5/8 (650)
Wash cabinet, usable depth in inches (mm)
19 1/2 (495)
Wash cabinet, usable width in inches (mm)
21 1/8 (535)
Maximum floor loading in N
Net weight in lb (kg)
144 (65)
Gross weight in lbs.


Including packaging 
172 (78)
Emissions data 
Emissions – sound pressure at workplace

Emissions - sound pressure at workplace

The emission sound pressure level provides a value for the noise emission created by the machine. Miele Professional machines have an extremely low sound pressure level.
<70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
1 dispenser pump for liquid cleaning agent

Integrated dispenser pump

Integrated dispenser pumps facilitate the quick and precise dosing of liquid detergents.
1 dispenser pump for neutralizer

Integrated dispenser pump

Integrated dispenser pumps facilitate the quick and precise dosing of liquid detergents.
Steam condenser
Pump with high circulation rate

High circulation rate

Powerful circulation pumps ensure thorough cleaning.
Load carriers – direct connection

Load carrier direct attachment

The direct connection guarantees the precise feed-in of water and drying air (in machines with integrated hot air drying) and the economical use of resources.
Indirect drying via heating elements

Indirect drying

The items are dried via the heating elements integrated in the wash chamber.
Wash cabinet made of high-quality stainless steel (1.4404/316L)

Use of stainless steel

The wash cabinet, spray arms & filters are made from top-grade stainless steel 1.4404 to ensure the best quality.
Norms, test certificates and symbols 
IP safety class according to EN 60529: IP 21
Illustration(s) as an example, for information
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