HM 16-80 [D] - Rotary iron, electric

HM 16-80 [D]
Rotary iron, electric
with steam function for optimum results and maximum convenience.

  • Capacity 13,0 kg/h*, roller diameter 6 3/8 (160)Inch, roller width 32 3/4 (830)InchWith 20% residual moisture - performance data according to DIN 11 902:
    The achievable ironing capacity depends on overall conditions such as, for example, the type of laundry and the experience of the operator.
  • Iron comfortably while seated
  • Work at your own pace thanks to variable roller speed
  • Durable roller padding - aramid needle felt cloth

    Durable roller cover

    The extremely durable ironer covers are particularly long-lasting and heat-resistant.
  • Easy to store - fold-away function

    Space-saving storage

    The appliance only needs 0.2 ft storage space.
  • Lotus white
HM16-80 [D]

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