Offshore & Petrochemical Industry

Built for the hard everyday work life

For more than 50 years Miele has been developing machines for customers on the high seas, inland waterways and rivers. Yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships and oil rigs place their trust in the well-know Miele quality, our special marine models and the commercial laundry and dishwasher technology from Miele Professional.
Offshore use
The heavy service on oil rigs presents the greatest challenges for materials and people. Reliability, speed and efficiency are essential here.

With Miele Professional you have high-quality, powerful and reliable laundry machines.
From the 15 lb capacity Little Giants to the 70 lb capacity washer-extractors - Miele Professional machines will always fulfill your expectations. They all have one thing in common: they are designed to meet the highest demands and thanks to the short program cycles your laundry is ready for use again quickly.

Due to their innovative special programs our washing machines can handle even the most stubborn soiling such as oil. Miele Professional laundry technology has been used on many ships and oil rigs for years.
Miele Professional - At home on the high seas
Miele is the global brand for premium household appliances and products for professional use.

With individually programmable wash programs and short program cycles, Miele washer-extractors are particularly suitable for marine use. As well as their already proverbial reliability, our machines are ideal for marine applications due to their different voltages and outstanding efficiency.

In addition, laundry care systems can also be easily connected to a payment system, so that use of the machines can be paid for correctly.
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