Retirement & Nursing Homes

Advantages thanks to competences in hygiene

Hygiene is particularly important in areas of domestic laundry and kitchens, in other words the constant avoidance of the transfer and spread of pathogens. Know-how in achieving this strategy is firmly anchored at Miele Professional, since we have been the market leader in the prevention of the spread of hospital infections for decades, for example in the reprocessing of medical products for surgery.
Treating mops
Ready-to-use, hygienic pre-treated mops
Cloth reprocessing
Washing and impregnation of cloths with disinfectant or cleaning agent in one work step.
All-round service for satisfied residents
In residential homes, a large variety of laundry types require special care; the requirements for a powerful and versatile in-house laundry are correspondingly high. A large number of beds results in a correspondingly high percentage of bed and bath linens as well as laundry items from residents. In addition, a powerful system solution makes the economical care of duvets and pillows possible. Gentle cleaning of personal outer garments of residents is possible as well in the professionally equipped laundry facility. A high requirement: Complete care for all laundry and textile items for satisfied residents.
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