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More performance and quality for the CSSD

"Gedreven door het leven – driven by life", is the motto of the Catharina Ziekenhuis, which was founded in 1973. With 696 beds it is not only the largest hospital in the region, but also the most efficient by far. In addition, the hospital operates as an academic teaching hospital. The high level of performance and efficiency of the Catharina Ziekenhuis is also due to its many treatment centers. The heart centers alone is one of the largest centers for interventional cardiology and heart surgery in the Netherlands. A new adipositas center was recently opened and the oncology center has been completely renewed and expanded. Patients are treated here by specialist doctors from a number of different disciplines. The experts from Miele developed a plan for the new build of the hospital's CSSD together with the Catharina Ziekenhuis. Covering an area of 800 square meters, 5 large chamber disinfectors, 1 large chamber system for cleaning and disinfection as well as 5 large sterilizers from Miele Professional were installed, as well as comprehensive functional equipment and accessories. Every phase in the building, installation and assembly work had to be planned in minute detail, in order to cause as little disruption as possible to the current reprocessing work being carried out.
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