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First class care of an exemplary nature

The Wuhan University Hospital of Stomatology has more than 400 treatment places and can accept 150 patients on an outpatient basis. As an academic teaching and research hospital for dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery, it is one of the oldest and most revered universities in China. Its size, but also the level and the scope of the services on offer, have created a reputation for the hospital that extends far beyond the metropolis and the provincial capital Wuhan. Its outstanding reputation serves both as a distinction and an incentive. Therefore, when the reorganisation of the central sterilisation department was being planned as part of the most recent expansion, a stringent comparison was carried out between all the service providers. Miele Professional was selected: Since September 2012, five PG 8528 washer-disinfectors have facilitated the reprocessing of instruments that more than meets the high dental standards of the institution.
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