Washing and disinfection

Developed for daily use: The new System4Dent for professional instrument reprocessing meets the highest demands for the instrument cycle without any weak spots. The system solution for perfect reprocessing results with excellent material protection and efficiency in the modern dental practice.
System4Dent – everything from a single source
With System4Dent, Miele Professional offers an innovative complete system for the safe and efficient instrument reprocessing in dentists’ practices. Based on many years of experience and in close consultation with experts in the field, System4Dent offers a system solution which can be divided into four steps: cleaning/disinfection, bespoke process chemicals, documentation, and the highest service quality. During each of these steps, Miele Professional provides powerful appliances, process chemicals, documentation solutions, and additional accessories, as well as a comprehensive service. Since all the components in this system come from the same source, they are perfectly integrated with each other. The result is a seamless, particularly gentle, and economical reprocessing process for dental instruments. And administration time is also optimized, since Miele is always at your side as an expert partner in all matters – from appliance technology to financing.
Reprocessing with standardized procedures
In the Vario TD program, pre-cleaning is carried out at low temperatures so that blood residues do not denature.
After an intense main cleaning phase, thermal disinfection is performed at >90°C with a holding time of 5 minutes.
For optimum protection of surgical instruments, for example, the final rinse is preferably performed with DI water without rinsing agent.
This program is suited to routine reprocessing according to ISO 15883 for all thermally stable instruments.
The procedure is particularly gentle on materials and is also recommended for reprocessing transmission instruments.
In the PG 8591 Thermal Disinfector, hot air drying ensures thorough final external drying of instruments.
The SPECIAL 93°C program features thermal disinfection at 93°C with a holding time of 10 minutes.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, both processes ensure A and B range disinfection (fungicidal and bactericidal action and virus deactivation, including HBV and HIV).
Safety, efficiency, capacity for validation.
Compliant with Medical Device Directive
Miele Professional Thermal Disinfectors ensure optimum cleaning results and thermal disinfection in accordance with the international EN ISO 15883 standard.
Up-to-date instrument reprocessing – Miele system
The systematic cleaning and disinfection of instruments is an essential part of avoiding risks to patients as well as the practice team. Machine reprocessing of medical instruments is a vital component of quality assurance in dental practices today.
Cleaning and disinfection must be performed according to the MPBetreibV (German Medical Device Ordinance) with a validated and traceable procedure. Recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute:
in the RKI guidelines (RKI-German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices/RKI recommendation in dental medicine), preference is given to machine reprocessing versus manual reprocessing.
The Miele system solutions are compliant with the German Medical Device Ordinance and the RKI guidelines for reprocessing of medical devices.
Water quality
Water quality plays an important role, especially during instrument reprocessing. Domestic water contains salts and minerals which can result in deposits on the load and on machine surfaces. DI water also prevents instrument corrosion. It makes sense to ensure the right water quality, especially with high water consumption levels. Systematic water treatment increases the efficiency of the thermal disinfector. Filtration protects against harmful deposits, avoids downtime as well as repairs, and lowers the costs of detergents.
Hygiene room with continuous countertop run
With this arrangement, reprocessing occurs along a continuous countertop run. The unclean side includes a sink and a thermal disinfector. There is room for water preparation and cleaning chemicals in the sink base unit or in the Miele Dispenser Media Cabinet. A glass panel separates this area from the clean side with small sterilizer, process documentation, and printer for sterile item labels.
Hygiene room with L-shaped countertop run
The L-shaped hygiene room offers additional elbow room and storage space. The unclean side with the sink and thermal disinfector is separated even more distinctly from the clean side with the small sterilizer, process documentation, and label printer through the angled configuration.
Hygiene room with 2 separate countertop runs
This is the optimum solution for practices with a large amount of space and several practitioners. The unclean side with sink and thermal disinfector is physically separated from the clean side with the sterilizer, process documentation, and label printer. Cabinets on both sides create space on the countertop and further reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
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