Child care facilities

Absolute hygiene

Our special machines for preschools and childcare centers meet the highest demands thanks to short cycles and low energy consumption. They provide the basis for hygienically impeccable cleaning results. We offer you the optimum solution for your needs with special programs for preschools integrated in our washing machines and dishwashers.
Hygiene protection with Miele Professional machines
Hygiene plus:
The unique fresh water cleaning system in Miele Professional dishwashers guarantees hygienic results thanks to a water change after every cleaning phase. Furthermore, high rinse temperatures target microorganisms, which is a distinct advantage when it comes to fighting infectious diseases.

Cleaning performance per hour: 456 plates.
Ready in 8 minutes: Super-short program for lightly soiled dishes.

Hygienic fresh water system.
Intensive cleaning via 3 spray arms.

Minimum energy consumption with hot water connection.
With dispensing system for precise dosing of liquid detergents.
Features dependent on model – Illustration(s) as an example, for information