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SlimLine Design

Slim design for confined spaces

There is always room for these efficient tumble dryers: The Miele Professional SlimLine tumble dryers, with a width of only 711 mm, are among the slimmest commercial appliances available. For this reason, they are not only easy to transport, but can also be installed under confined conditions without problems.
Intelligent dryers

Perfect drying results

To prevent laundry from becoming tangled, the dryer control changes the rotation direction of the drum at specified intervals, ensuring crease-free, uniformly, and gently dried laundry. The intelligent process technology with large items in particular ensures perfect drying results.
Underride option

Simple transport

A freely accessible base allows that a trolley can be inserted underneath the tumble dryer, which can then be positioned as required. For locations where a closed pedestal is preferred, a closed base is also available.