PW 811 [EL WEK MF] - User convenience

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User instructions in a variety of languages

Simple and easy to understand

To avoid misunderstandings to begin with, operators can select their preferred language from a variety of country-specific languages. All display notifications appear in this language, so that the highest level of operating safety is ensured.
Delay start freely selectable

Laundry care according to schedule

With delay start you can determine according to choice when the selected program should start. This is of particular advantage, for instance if the program cycle is supposed to end at the start of work.
Freely programmable washing machine controls

Complete versatility

Individually programmable controls allow for all wash parameters to be adjusted to the respective application and requirements. These individual programs can be stored in whatever order you want. Diverse programs for reprocessing all kinds of textiles have already been stored. These controls offer you everything you need to meet the requirements of professional laundry care.
Exclusive to Miele
Automatic door lock

High user convenience when closing and opening

A light touch of the door is all that's needed. The door locks on its own at the beginning of the program and opens automatically at the program end..