Dare to Wash Differently.

Integration and color options

Pre-Finished Models

Pre-finished models are complete with control and door panel. Generally, these models are available in white, black or Clean Touch SteelTM.

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Integrated (i) Models

Integrated dishwashers have a visible control panel and are designed to fit with a custom door panel that reflects the cabinetry decor of your kitchen.

Fully Integrated (Vi) Models

These units can either disappear into your cabinetry by adding a custom front panel or stand out as a robust appliance with a full clean Touch SteelTM panel. The elegant stainless steel control panel is integrated on top of the door and is only visible when the door is ajar.

Fully Integrated (SF) Pre-Finished Models

For convenience, Miele offers fully integrated, pre-finished models that are already equipped with a Clean Touch SteelTM door panel, a 4-inch toe-kick and straight door handle.

Convenience and Design

Everything else is just a dishwasher.

3D Cutlery Tray

The slide‐out cutlery tray has long set Miele apart from other dishwashers offering greatly improved space utilization compared with a standard basket. Miele's 3D cutlery tray – innovation from the inventor of the category – provides a new level of convenience that adapts instantly to accommodate large utensils, as well as taller stemware in the upper basket.

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MaxiComfort Basket Design

Flexibility at its best. The MaxiComfort baskets offer a wide range of functions to organize up to 16 place settings. It can accommodate larger pots and pans with height adjustable baskets.


Thanks to the patented door controls, 4 power LEDs switch on gradually when the dishwasher door is opened. The 4 LEDs immerse the dishwasher interior in brilliant light. The area in front of the dishwasher is also well lit, significantly improving loading and unloading.

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Perfect Design Harmony

Aligned in terms of design, functionality and user interface, Miele's dishwasher range is the perfect complement to your entire kitchen suite.

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Performance and Quality

Nothing compares to my Miele.

Perfect GlassCare*

Constantly monitors the rinse water's mineral content, while other sensors check temperature, cycle intensity and even air flow – ensuring optimal performance and consistent results with each use.

* not available on all models

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AutoOpen Drying*

The dishwasher door automatically opens at the end of the cycle, allowing air to escape and circulate. This can aid in perfectly drying even the most challenging surfaces like plastics.

* not available on all models

German Quality

Miele strives to fulfill the high requirements of its customers and provide them with appliances of the highest quality and tested durability to make their lives more comfortable. Miele customers around the world remain loyal to Miele because of this.

Tailored Programs

With a full list of programs and additional options available on your Miele dishwasher, all your performance needs are easily met. This is Miele, this is forever better.

Built to Last. Engineered to Shine.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

With Miele, your total satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not completely convinced that your Miele is the quietest and best cleaning dishwasher you have ever owned, we will fully refund your purchase within 90 days.

Quietly, the Best Dishwasher in America.

In America, no dishwasher is quieter than a Miele. Miele measures up, no matter what. Miele’s ExtraQuiet Program featured on Diamond, Lumen, and Dimension models, washes so quietly that you can hardly hear the dishwasher at all – making it ideal for open concept kitchens and dishwashing at night.

Go Ahead. Put in Everything. Rinse Nothing.

No Pre-Rinsing Necessary

It‘s a fact. Homes that pre-rinse waste an average of 3500 gallons per Year. Uniquely engineered to get the dirtiest dishware spotless without pre-rinsing – Miele is a clear choice for you and the environment.


All Miele dishwashers are Energy Star rated, using advanced features such as water and soiling sensors to decrease the amount of water being used in each cycle. Miele only uses what is necessary to clean your dishes properly and not a drop more.


Performance: Optimizing cleaning performance while protecting your dishware is a delicate balance only a Miele dishwasher can achieve.

Quietness: Our QC Guarantee means we're confident that not only will Miele be the quietest dishwasher you've ever owned, but also the best performing.

Fleet Design: Aligned in terms of design, functionality and user interface, Miele's dishwasher range is the perfect complement to your entire kitchen suite.

Efficiency: Go ahead. Put in everything. Rinse nothing. Miele dishwashers never cease to amaze.

Quality: Designed and built to endure 20 years of use, Miele's commitment to quality and durability is simply unmatched.