Miele Guides Kitchen Trends With New Appliances

Newly Announced Products Align with Color, Design, and Culinary Trends

Princeton, NJ – Miele, the largest family-owned luxury appliance manufacturer, returns to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) with new kitchen appliances that combines the brand’s excellent quality and innovation with products designed to fit every type of kitchen and home. At KBIS 2018, Miele introduces an all-new Graphite Grey appliance color option, a newly designed 30” Wide Speed Oven, and its first-ever Vacuum Sealing Drawer.

New Color Option: Graphite Grey

Stylish, trending and a favorite in today’s kitchen design, ‘Grey’ has made a bold statement. Miele is proud to announce the launch of Graphite Grey – an extension to the brand’s built-in appliance from the PureLine design assortment.

The new Graphite Grey collection includes a 30” Convection Oven, 24” and 30” Speed Oven, XL Combi-Steam Oven, Warming Drawers, Wall Ventilation, and Counter and Built-in Coffee Systems.

This new all glass color collection features Miele’s M Touch innovative and revolutionary controls that is easy to operate and navigate.

Fit to Last Speed Oven

Powerful, versatile and incredibly simple to use, the Miele speed oven combines two advance cooking techniques, microwave and convection, so you can defrost, bake, reheat, broil and crisp all in a single oven. With the 30” front, the new addition to the highly successful speed oven assortment allows for an even more seamless design when installed over a 30” Miele Convection Oven.  

The larger sized speed oven door is available in both the ContourLine and PureLine designs including Obsidian Black, Brilliant White and the newly introduced Graphite Grey.

Perfectly Sealed for Preparation and Preservation

Vacuum sealing is a tried-and-tested method of extending the storage life of food and of conveniently portioning larger quantities. To provide Miele customers with the tools to match their culinary needs, the vacuum sealing drawer properly prepares food for the new method of sous-vide cooking.

The vacuum-sealing drawer enables the user to control the sealing level and duration to adjust for delicate items, such as fish or vegetables, or performs a strong hold on meat that would benefit from locking in marinades or seasoning. For sous-vide cooking, the vacuum-sealing drawer and a steam oven from Miele join together to form a formidable team.

Miele’s extended product offering allows designers and consumers with more options to meet the latest trends in color, design, and culinary.

Graphite Grey appliances will be available in April 2018.

The 30” speed oven will be available in ­­­­­May and will start at $3,249.

The vacuum-sealing drawer will be available in the second half of 2018 pricing is not yet available.  

All products will be available for purchase in your local Miele Experience Centers and all authorized appliance dealers. To locate a dealer near you, please click here.

About Miele

Founded in Germany in 1899 with a single promise of Immer Besser, a phrase meaning Forever Better, Miele has dynamically grown to become the world’s largest family-owned and operated appliance company with more than 16,600 employees, 12 production facilities and representation in nearly 100 countries. As a premium appliance brand represented on all continents, Miele is steadfastly committed to the highest quality, performance and environmental standards. Miele’s range of exceptional consumer appliances includes: vacuum cleaners; laundry systems; rotary irons; dishwashers; ranges; built-in convection, speed, steam and combi-steam ovens; cooktops; ventilation hoods; refrigeration; wine storage and espresso/coffee systems.

To learn more, visit www.mieleusa.com or www.youtube.com/mieleus, and follow us on www.facebook.com/mieleus and Instagram @MieleUSA.

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