Homemade Cards

A personalized card made by a child will become a beloved keepsake of the recipient. Children often send store bought cards, purchased by their parents, to celebrate special occasions. Often, the child does not even know what the sentiment inside says. Your child can easily make unique cards at home. Offer assistance depending on age and ability, but allow your child’s creativity to determine the result.

DIY Homemade Cards

Suggested Supplies – Use What You Have On Hand

Paper: cardstock paper, oak tag paper, construction paper or printer paper

Decorating supplies: glitter, stickers, photos, wrapping paper, tissue paper

Art supplies: colored pencils, watercolor paints, crayons, markers, pens or pencils


Guidelines and Tips

  • Help your child cut out the desired shape and size of the card. The card can be flat or folded. An endearing focal point can be a tracing of your child’s hand. Little hands grow so fast, so looking back at the card in future years will certainly stir emotions. Alternatively, paste a photo of your child on the card to be the focal point.
  • Decorating the card can be your child’s opportunity to let their creativity flow. Glue on wrapping paper or tissue paper cut into flowers, hearts, or shapes. Glitter will add sparkle and energy to the effect. Imaginative and vibrant drawings and coloring will personalize the artwork.
  • Have your child dictate or write a personal wish or greeting for the recipient. An older child can compose a poem or write a letter. Any heart-felt feelings eternalized in a homemade card are sure to be prized and cherished.
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