Herbal Packs

These easy to assemble packs are great stress relievers after a long day. Essential oils are a great and natural way to relax or invigorate depending on which scent is used. The packs come together easily and even the littlest of helpers can participate. Herbal packs can be either frozen or microwaved depending on what you’d like to achieve-soothing heat or cool relief.

DIY Herbal Packs

Materials Needed for Four Packs
Four 100 % Cotton Muslin Bags (available on line)
Four cups of uncooked rice
A scented oil of your choice (lavender is calming, peppermint is also soothing)
A disposable bowl or container for mixing
A disposable utensil for mixing

To Assemble

  1. Place rice in a container or bowl and mix in a few drops of your choice of essential oils (or even a combination).
  2. Mix thoroughly with a disposable utensil.
  3. Divide the rice between the bags and close.  

To Use

  1. For microwaving-microwave for 1-2 minutes until warm and apply to sore areas.
  2. For freezing-freeze for 2 hours and apply to sore areas.
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