Activities with the Family

There are plenty of ways for families to stay engaged and active together, even when they’re stuck at home. We’ve compiled a list of fun activities for families to do together, and hope you’ll find something to inspire some quality time with your loved ones. Whether you’re interested in “jetting off” to visit a virtual museum, enjoying a spirited Broadway performance, or sipping tea with furry friends, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy!


Have a teddy bear tea party! Bake a batch of Easy Cream Scones and let your child invite all their furry friends to join them for teatime under a blanket fort! 

Make dinner as a family. Assign each family member a different course (appetizer, entrée, side dish, dessert) and bring your culinary creations together to enjoy a full meal. 

Get creative and enjoy free online art lessons

Visit amusement parks around the world and experience rides from Disney, Universal Studios, and more

Enjoy the magic of Broadway from your living room

For all Harry Potter fans, here’s the perfect way to banish boredom! JK Rowling has launched Harry Potter at Home

Take a virtual field trip or museum tour at cultural spots around the world

Share a story for a good cause: Save With Stories is a community-driven fundraiser on Instagram. It features authors and others reading their books for kids on camera, all to raise money for @savethechildren and @nokidhungry.

For older kids, listen to a TED talk and have a family discussion about what everyone learned

Stay active at home with yoga for kids ages 3+

Build an indoor obstacle course

Play a new game. A game of ‘the floor is lava’ is a great way to burn off some energy! Have kids spread things like stuffed animals or pillows around the floor, and challenge them to jump from one to the next without touching the floor and falling into the ‘lava!’ If kids do touch the floor, challenge them to keep going to see how far they can get.

Make a sock toss game. Use mismatched socks and fill them with beans or rice and then knot closed. Then try to see how many you can ‘score’ in a laundry basket.

Get everyone together for a family scavenger hunt. Make a list of things around the house for kids to find. Include objects that are hard to find for older kids.

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