A Recipe for Design

Designer Jessica Davis and Miele both know that the ideas of thoughtful design and beautiful execution mix very well.

“Beautiful but impractical defeats the purpose of great design,” says Jessica Davis of Nest Studio. “Designers can get so stuck in how something looks that sometimes they forget someone has to use it every day.” The intersection of thoughtful and beautiful is where Miele and Davis meet.

Focus on Craftsmanship

In 2012, Davis began crafting beautiful knobs and pulls for interior design projects after a frustrating search for unique pieces that would stand out. Her process is rooted in many of the same core values as Miele’s, including a focus on craftsmanship and well-considered design. When designing hardware Davis doesn’t just think about how pieces will look in a space, she also thinks about how they’ll feel in people’s hands. She sees the same in Miele’s ComfortSwivel handle. “I love that your hand can stay in the same position no matter what position the oven door is in,” she says. “The ergonomics are so smart but it’s also sleek and beautiful.”

Consider the Space

“It’s important to understand who you’re designing for. Are there small children where accessible storage and fingerprint resistant finishes—like Miele’s smudge resistant stainless steel surfaces—become important? Or does a client entertain often so other people may also be using the space?” It’s the latter that makes Davis appreciate Miele’s M Touch control panel. “It’s user-friendly and intuitive so even guests feel at home,” she says. 

That’s a feeling that is especially important to Davis. Growing up she moved frequently, living in Australia, Hong Kong and the U.S. “I think my rather nomadic childhood has led me to really value the idea of ‘home,’ she says. She’s currently in the process of renovating her own home and wants to make sure that each part of her own house integrates seamlessly with the rest. “Don’t design in a vacuum, think about pieces as part of a whole,” says Davis. She likes how Miele creates all their appliances to integrate easily with each other to create a harmonious space.

Make a Statement

Designing hardware has been a natural fit for Davis who loves the precise nature of working with metal. “Kitchen hardware and appliances have so much in common, from their materials and tactile quality to the fact that they get used often and can make a big statement in a space. Appliances and hardware are the jewelry of the kitchen,” explains Davis. “A statement range is like the pendant on a necklace.” She prefers to make a statement by integrating appliances into designs while still allowing them to stand out.

Use Lighting

“The combination of decorative and functional lighting and how they play together is so important. For example, you need to be able to see if dishes are truly clean when you’re at the sink,” Davis says. So she’s a fan of Miele’s backlit precision knobs that are a visual cue for a burner-in-use and the LED ClearView lighting that shines a more natural light on your food while also saving energy.

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