A Home Away From Home

Architectural Digest: Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff’s new Hamptons hideaway is the kind of home where guests come to stay—and never leave. That’s because every nook and corner of the beachside dwelling was designed with entertaining in mind. The modern farmhouse’s open-plan layout, warm woods, and walls of glass that open to the outside encourage a welcoming feel.

The designer’s innate sense of hospitality starts with her cooking: She often makes three meals a day from scratch. It’s a practice that comes second nature in a setting that offers Bikoff fresh fish and local farm stands at every turn. Once she settles in, Bikoff envisions preparing signature Persian stews for future gatherings. “I’ve been perfecting my grandmother’s recipes, which take three days to make,” she says. The dishes require fresh herbs, vegetables, and meats, which is one reason why Miele MasterCool Refrigeration is a must—because it helps food maintain its freshness for up to three times longer. And, separate cooling circuits for refrigeration and freezing mean leftovers are as delicious days later. Bikoff also relies on the Miele Range, which has presets for over 100 different foods—a helpful tool when she has dishes cooking in the oven and multiple guests to greet.

The relaxed way of living at Bikoff’s beach bungalow means the vibe she creates is breezy. “I’m often in my bathing suit from breakfast to dinner; the floors and sheets are always sandy; it’s an easy coastal lifestyle,” she says. And it’s one in which Bikoff embraces a DIY sensibility, having a hand in everything from the cooking to the cleanup. “I’m very independent when I’m entertaining,” she says. Using high-tech, appliances like Miele’s Dishwasher, which intuitively dispenses the right amount of detergent and gets a load done in under an hour, means she never runs out of clean dishes during a party. And thanks to WiFi connectivity, every cycle can be monitored remotely, so Bikoff can get back to what she does best—entertaining—without missing a beat.

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