Vacuum sealing step by step

Easy, convenient handling

4th Step: Select a setting

You have the choice between 3 vacuum settings. The sealing time can be freely selected from 3 settings.

8th Step: Removing food

Open the lid of the vacuuming drawer and remove the vacuumed foodstuff.

5th Step: Start vacuum-sealing process

When you close the appliance lid the appliance starts the vacuum-sealing process.

Step 1: Suitable bag for vacuum sealing

The appliance comes with the correct plastic bag. You can obtain replacements in the Miele shop at

3rd Step: Insert bag

Open the vacuum-sealing drawer. Insert the filled bag into the appliance.

9th Step: Vacuum-sealed food

The foodstuff is completely vacuum sealed and ready for use at a later date.

7th Step: Seal foodstuffs

At the end of the vacuum-sealing process the foodstuff is automatically hermetically sealed.

2nd Step: Fill the bag

Fill the bag with any type of food. Be careful not to over-fill the bag.

6th Step: Remove air

In the vacuuming process the air is drawn out of the vacuum chamber and the plastic bag.

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