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Now, Your Range Has No Limits

M Pro Dual Stacked Burners

Ensuring flexibility and perfect results, Miele’s sealed burner system offers precise control, no matter the choice of recipe. And when it comes to adaptability, Miele’s continuous-design cast iron grates allow for the effortless movement of pots and pans from one burner to the next.

M Pro Grill

Broiling has never been easier indoors; from steaks, vegetables and seafood, achieve perfect, even results with Miele’s powerful M Pro grill option.

M Pro Infrared Griddle

Whether you are making pancakes or browning meat or fish: everything is done to perfection.

TrueSimmer Function

Achieving the perfect temperature and even heat for simmering is easy with this function. Whether you are melting chocolate or thickening a sauce, this feature allows for gentle, slow, precise cooking.

Induction Cooking

The Induction Range features M Touch controls, TwinBooster function and an EasyClean Ceran surface with 4 variable cooking zones. Induction is extremely precise and heats food twice as fast as cooking with Gas or Electric.

Electric Cooking

The Electric Range features DirectSelect controls and an EasyClean Ceran surface with 4 cooking zones.

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