Special attachments and accessory cases

Miele offers special accessories for your vacuum cleaner for almost all cleaning requirements, no matter how challenging they may be – whether you are cleaning difficult-to-reach areas or delicate surfaces.

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SMD 10
Mattress nozzle
For vacuuming gaps between bed frames, mattresses and sofa cushions.
    In stock
    SHB 20
    Crevice nozzle/Venetian blind attachment
    the perfect helpers when cleaning difficult-to-reach areas.
      SHB 30
      Radiator brush
      practical for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas.
        In stock
        SFD 20
        Flexible crevice nozzle
        Its length enables cleaning of difficult to access, narrow crevices.
          In stock
          SPD 10
          Wide upholstery nozzle
          For easy, quick and thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture.
            In stock
            SUB 10
            Universal brush
            for cleaning of heavy duty surfaces thanks to premium synthetic bristles.
              In stock
              STB 20
              Handy turbobrush ‑ Turbo Mini
              For effortless removal of fluff and hair thanks to the streamlined motor.
                In stock
                STB 101
                Handy turbobrush ‑ Turbo Mini
                for easy removal of hair and lint from upholstery and carpets.
                  In stock
                  SHC 10
                  Home Care practical accessory set
                  4 in 1 - the ideal accessories for cleaning living rooms and bedrooms.
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