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Range ventilation hoods

Boiling, frying, and cooking on full power requires a strong partner: the Range ventilation hoods. Their size, design, and technology are tailored to the Ranges and together they form the perfect unit. The ventilation hood will automatically activate the booster setting if necessary, and the high-performance baffle filters ensure efficient vapor extraction at all times.

Miele Range Hoods

The Right Solution For Every Home!

Miele Range Cooking Appliances combined with a Miele Range Hood are a perfect match in terms of form and function. Miele Range Hoods are available as wall-mounted decor hoods and as extractor units. Miele Range Hoods are equipped with a special baffle filter made of high-quality stainless steel and are designed to complement the high performance of Miele’s Range Cooking Appliances and Ventilation Hoods.

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The operating modes of Miele Range Hoods

Powerful technology for your kitchen

During cooking, and in particular when frying, vapors are given off which consist of a mixture of steam, particles of fat, and odors. If air in the room is not extracted or filtered, these vapors will remain in the room and affect the kitchen environment. Over a period of time this will affect the kitchen furniture, soft furnishings, paintwork, etc. as this is where grease and vapors settle. There are two options for cleaning the air effectively: extraction and recirculation. These methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Which one suits you best will depend on a number of factors, which are explained below.

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