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PG 8061 U [MK 240V 3 Phase]

PG 8061 U [MK 240V 3 Phase]

Built-under fresh water dishwasher ADA compliant, NSF/ANSI 3 certified for sanitization. Industrial use only.
  • Max. cleaning performance*: 152 plates/h
  • First-class results thanks to fresh water system
  • Extremely hygienic results – final rinse temperature 185 (85) °F (°C)°F (°C)
  • Safe and easy operation - automatic door opening
  • Flexible processing of two wire or plastic baskets per cycle

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Product data sheet

Model and design
Design Built-under dishwasher
Range Professional
Wash system Fresh water
Number of levels 2
Front Stainless steel
LidStainless steel
Side wallsStainless steel
Convertible to a freestanding appliance Stand 1-80, stainless steel
Drying AutoOpen assisted drying
Suitable for retirement and care homes
Suitable for small restaurants/bars
Suitable for hospitality industry
Suitable for Bed & Breakfast
Suitable for canteens
Suitable for child care facilities
Suitable for fast food restaurants
Performance data
Circulation pump, Qmax in gal/min (l/min)390
Shortest program duration in min. 15
Maximum final rinse temperature in °F (°C) 185 (85)
Cleaning performance, plates/h 152
Cleaning performance, baskets/h 8
Possible to wash plastic baskets on two levels
Tested operating hours 15000
Control systemTouchControl
Program selection Touch on Metal
Max. delay start in h 24
Countdown indicator
Program sequence indicator
Choice of display language
Language-neutral operation
Standard electrical connection
Electrical connection3 PH. 240V 60HZ
Number of phases3
Voltage in V240
Frequency in Hz60
Heater rating in kW5.40
Total connected load in kW5.80
Fuse rating in A20
Length of connection wire in ft (m) 7 (2.20)
Possible voltage variants
Number of phases2
Voltage in V240
Frequency in Hz60
Electric heater rating in kW5,40
Total connected load in kW5,80
Fuse rating in A30
Possible voltage variant 1
Electrical connection2 PH. 240V 60HZ
Heater rating in kW5.40
Total connected load in kW5.80
Fuse rating in A30
Water connection/drainage
Cold water [number]1
Hot water [number] 1
Required flow pressure in bar1.00-10.00
Drain hose [DN]22
Maximum delivery head for drain pump in inches (cm) 39 3/8 (100)
Integrated water softener
Maximum water hardness in gpg (mmol/l) 62.562 (10.70)
Water consumption per wash cycle in gal (l)2.1 (8.00) gll (l)
Dimensions and weight
External dimensions, net height in inches32 3/8 (820)
External dimensions, net width in inches23 5/8 (598)
External dimensions, net depth in inches23 1/2 (595)
External dimensions, gross height in inches 37 1/8 (940)
External dimensions, gross width in inches 26 5/8 (675)
External dimensions, gross depth in inches 27 (685)
Usable space in wash cabinet, width in inches (mm)22 1/8 (559)
Usable space in wash cabinet, height in inches (mm)20 7/8 (530)
Usable space in wash cabinet, depth of upper basket in inches (mm)18 3/4 (474)
Usable space in wash cabinet, depth of lower basket in inches (mm)20 (505)
In-feed height above floor in inches (mm)8 5/8 (216)
Net weight [kg]139 (63)
Gross weight in lbs. 153 (69)
Maximum floor loading in N 1200
Emissions data
Emission sound pressure level in workplace (LpA) 45 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Sound power (LwA) in dB(A) re 1 pW 57.00
Heat output to the room in Mj/h 1.08
Drainage by pump
Basket design
1 x O 891 upper basket for cups
1 x U 890 lower basket for inserts
1 x E 810 insert for dessert plates
2 x E 816 inserts for plates
2 x E 165 inserts for cutlery
Height-adjustable upper basket
1 Combi dispenser/door for powder and liquid media
Wash cabinet made from high-quality stainless steel
In-door salt container
AutoOpen assisted drying
Perfect GlassCare
Aerosol steam condenser
Adjustable temperature and temperature holding times
Adjustable final rinse temperature
Adjustable wash temperature
Adjustable rinse time
Optical interface
A wide range of accessories (optional)
Connection options
External dispensing module for liquid cleaning agent
Test certificate
Interference suppression
EN 1717
ADA compliant
Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
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  • 1 . European patent EP 1 457 153 B1
  • 2 . German Patent DE 102 007 008 950 B4
  • 3 . European patent EP 1 733 675 B1
  • 4 . Depending on site conditions (temperature of incoming water / power connection) values given may vary.
  • Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given.
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