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HR 1956-2 LP

HR 1956-2 LP

48 inch range Dual Fuel with M Touch controls, Moisture Plus and M Pro dual stacked burners
  • Multicolored TFT touch display with clear text - M Touch
  • Maximum variety - six powerful burners and a griddle
  • Speed oven for a maximum variety of uses
  • Perfect baking and roasting results - Moisture plus
  • Precise cooking temperature – Wireless Precision Probe

Your exclusive advantages

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Inside the Box

  • Anti-splash insert (1)
  • PerfectClean universal baking tray (1)
  • Self Clean ready baking and roasting rack (3)
  • Glass tray (2)

Product data sheet

Construction type
Range including speed oven and gourmet drawer
Appliance width in inches48 "
Type of heating
Dual fuel
Gas typeLiquid gas
Appliance colorClean Touch Steel
Oven displayM Touch
Speed Oven displayM Touch / M Touch
Convenience features
Precise temperature control75-575°F
Microwave power levels in W80/150/300/450/600/850/1000
Wireless Precision Probe
Roast probe- speed oven
Keep-warm function
Crisp function
Operating modes
MasterChef automatic programs80
MasterChef Plus automatic programs15
Auto roast
Gentle bake
Maxi Broil
Convection Bake
Moisture plus
Slow roast
Combi Auto Roast
Micro Broil
Combi Bake
Combi Broil
Convection Roast
Special modes
Convenience features and operating modes
Warm cups
Warm plates
Keep food at serving temperature
Low-temperature cooking
Precise electronic temperature control from 104°F to 185°F
Cooktop features
Number of high burners x power in BTU3 x 19.500
Number of power burners x power in BTU1 x 13.000
Number of TrueSimmer burners x power in BTU2 x 10.000
True Simmer function
Number of griddle surfaces x power in BTU1 x 14.300
Width of griddle surface in in.(mm)10 1/4 (258)
Depth of griddle surface in in.(mm)17 1/8 (434)
Number of gas burners6
Control panel
Precision knobs
Illuminated knob
ComfortSwivel handle
Motorized lift-up control panel
Sabbath program
Time synchronization
Time of day display
Date display
Minute minder
Time buffer in h
Automatic switch-off
Programmable cooking time
Actual temperature display
Default temperatures
Acoustic signal when desired temperature is reached
Individual settings
Timed bursts of steam
Warming drawer capacity6 place settings
Microwave popcorn function
Recommended microwave output for each mode
Minute Plus button
Fully telescopic for easy loading and unloading of the gourmet drawer
Gourmet drawer with push-to-open mechanism
CleanGlass door
Door contact switch
SoftClose oven door/ SoftOpen
Oven cavity volume in cu. ft. (l)3.21 (91)
Number of oven shelf levels5
Number of Speed Oven shelf levels3
No. of halogen lamps3 in ovens/1 in microwave combination ovens
Cleaning convenience
Stainless-steel front with partial Clean Touch Steel finish
Stainless-steel Speed Oven interior with PerfectClean and linen-weave finish
Oven with self-cleaning program
AirClean catalyzer
Broil element can be lowered
ComfortClean dishwasher-safe grates
Cooktop surfaceBlack enamel
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy-saving lighting circuit
Residual heat utilization
Rapid PreHeat
Appliance cooling system with cool touch front
Safety cut-out
Anti-slip liner in the gourmet drawer
System lock
Door contact switch
Door lock during self cleaning
Technical data
Appliance width in inches47 15/16
Appliance width in in.(mm)48 1/8 (1220)
Appliance height min in in.(mm)37 1/8 (942)
Appliance height max in in.(mm)38 5/8 (980)
Appliance depth in in. (depth) with bullnose27 1/2 (698)
Electric total rated load in kW10,00
Power Rating in V120
Convertible voltage in V240/208
Fuse rating in A50
Number of phases1
Fresh water connection for Moisture Plus
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Follow the link and you will find all the resources you need for planning and installing any of our products

Follow the link and you will find all the resources you need for planning and installing any of our products

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