W 3048 - Front-loading washing machine
  • Fascia/control panel-Lotus white-

W 3048
Front-loading washing machine
with special programs for perfect cleanliness and gentle care of your textiles.

  • Gentle laundry care thanks to the Miele honeycomb drum

    The patented Miele honeycomb drum*

    Soft to the touch: the hexagonal sculptured surface of the drum allows garments to glide on a thin film of water.
  • Wash small & large loads with energy efficiency - Automatic load recognition

    Automatic load control

    Load adaptation à la Miele: The smaller the load, the lower the water and power consumption. Completely automatic.
  • Laundry care on schedule – delay start and countdown indicator

    Delay start and time left display

    According to schedule: "have your Program start at the time of your choice, matching your daily schedule."
  • More cleanliness thanks to the AutoClean detergent drawer
  • Convenience you can see – LED drum lighting
  • Lotus white
Price: $ 1,999.00
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All product benefits at a glance - W 3048

Efficiency and sustainability

Hot water

Save up to 47 % on energy costs

Hot water for cool customers: You can make use of an energy-efficient water supply with a second connection.

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Enamelled front

Top-rate surface finishes

As good as it looks: The enamel front is scratch, acid and corrosion resistant and is easy to clean.

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water protection system

Safety thanks to an additional sensor

Everything dry: water protection system monitors the water intake, detects leakages and water in the drip tray.

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Washing programs


Optimum care of synthetic fibers

Gentle & soft: with the special program synthetic textiles remain beautiful and keep their shape.

Dress Shirts

Business as usual

Prevents creasing: reduces creasing and simplifies the ironing of shirts and blouses significantly.


Very delicate handling of natural fibers

Excellent care: all hand-washable textiles which do not contain wool are washed extremely gently.


Most gentle treatment of your favorite garments

No shrinkage, no felting: Delicate wool fabrics are cared for particularly gently, maintaining their quality.


Effective protection against color losses

No bleaching: "As a result, denim keeps its color longer without ugly stripes or wrinkles."


Special program for high-tech materials

Best care without the loss of function: High-quality outdoor textiles retain their functionality in any weather.

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Eco information - W 3048

Hot water connection

Hot water

Hot water for cool customers: You can make use of an energy-efficient water supply with a second connection.
Low-temperature washing "Cold" and "68°F"