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Tumble dryers for offshore use

These tumble dryers meet the requirements of off-shore use. These appliances are extremely robust and reliable. They are also equipped with a variety of Program for a wide range of requirements.
 Drying system

Installation options independent of location

Miele Professional Condenser Dryers do not require ducting to be fitted, as they remove moisture from the drying air in a closed system. The resulting water is drained away directly via the integrated condensed water drainage system.

Washer-dryer stack

Viel Leistung auf kleinstem Platz: Installation as washer-dryer stack requires less than 0.5 ft floor space.
 Heating type
 Load capacity/drum volume
 Front color
 Convenience and features

Honeycomb drum

Less folding, easy finishing: Laundry is dried very gently and evenly in the honeycomb drum.

User instructions in a variety of languages

Avoids operating errors: All instructions and processes can be displayed in a variety of languages.

Intelligent tumble dryers

Gentle and uniform drying thanks to intelligent technology.

Programmable controls

Whenever needed: Programmable controls enable perfect adaptation to suit individual requirements.

Countdown indicator

After the program has started, the display shows the cycle time remaining.

Drum lighting

No laundry item is overlooked when unloading thanks to the perfectly lit honeycomb drum.
 Program controls

PerfectDry system

The Miele PerfectDry system dries garments perfectly.
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PT 7135 C Vario [EL]Condenser dryers

For simple and flexible installation without vent ducting.

PT 7135 C Vario [EL]Condenser dryers

For simple and flexible installation without vent ducting.

Features depend on model