Create your very own, individual Miele brochure

Miele’s MyBrochure enables you to create your own custom brochure - featuring the specific appliances you are interested in.

Here is how MyBrochure works:

On the product page of the appliance you desire, check off “Save & Compare”. This option is located at the top of the page.  Once “Save & Compare” has been successfully checked off, the appliance will appear in your Wish List.

To add more appliances to your Wish list, follow the same process of going to the desired product page and checking off “Save & Compare”. Once finished, open your Wish List and click “Add all products to MyBrochure” – located on the left hand side. You can customize the headline, choose to add installation drawings and insert personal notes.

Complete your custom brochure by clicking on 'Create and download brochure'.

Give it a try!

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Currently selected products

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