KM 6377 - Induction Cooktop in maximum width for the best possible cooking and user convenience.--NO_COLOR
  • in maximum width for the best possible cooking and user convenience.--NO_COLOR
  • Fascia/control panel-NO_COLOR-

KM 6377
Induction Cooktop
in maximum width for the best possible cooking and user convenience.

  • Quick selection using numerical linear keybanks - Direct control plus

    DirectSelection Plus

    Quick and intuitive: Power levels and times can be selected for each cooking zone using the numerical keybank.
  • Attractive design - 42 5/8 (1,080)Inch wide with stainless steel frame
  • Versatile and fast - 5 cooking zones incl. 2 PowerFlex zones

    PowerFlex induction

    Versatile and flexible: Large cookware can also be heated quickly and easily.
  • Communication with the hood - automatic function Con@ctivity


    Innovative convenience: the ventilation hood reacts automatically to settings on the Cooktop.
  • Broad performance spectrum - keeping warm function and TwinBooster


    Speed is not wizardry: "Up to 7,400 Watts accelerate the cooking process."
Price: $ 3,799.00
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Product details - KM 6377

Type of heating 
Fuel type
Construction type 
Independent of oven

Independent of cooker

The cooktop can be installed independently of an oven. This enables the space underneath the cooktop to be used for drawers or cupboards. This allows you versatility when planning your kitchen.
Elegant glass ceramic surface
Ceramic surface color
Print design
All-round stainless steel frame
Ring features 
No. of rings
PowerFlex cooking zone 
Size in inches (mm)
Max. TwinBooster rating in W
left centre
PowerFlex bridge
Size in inches (mm)
Maximum number of pans with FlexTouch
Max. rating in W
Variable cooking zone
Size in inches (mm)
Ø 180-280
Max. rating in W
Max. booster rating in W
PowerFlex bridge
Size in inches (mm)
Max. rating in W
Max. booster rating in W
Max. TwinBooster rating in W
Control panel 
Operation via touchpad sensors
Multiple direct dial
Pan/Pan-size sensors

Pan size recognition

Convincing: the size of the pan is recognized by the cooktop and energy supplied to this area only.
Stop & Go function

Stop & Go

So nothing will burn: With this function, all cooking zones can be reduced to power level one simultaneously.
Minute minder

Minute minder

The minute minder can be used to monitor activities that are independent of the cooktop such as brewing tea.
Automatic switch-off for all rings

Safety Switch for all cooking zones

The cooktop timer helps to make everyday life in the kitchen more relaxed. You can set a duration for your cooking zones, which will then switch off automatically.

Auto heat-up

Always at the right time: This function reduces the initial power boost to prevent burning.
Keep-warm function

Keeping warm function

Keep food warm without it burning: The pan base is set to the ideal temperature and monitored intelligently.
Digital power level display
Cleaning convenience 
Easy to clean ceramic surface

Easy to clean ceramic glass

Cooktops with ceramic glass are very easy to clean. Soiling can be removed easily and quickly.
Safety cut-out

Safety turn off

Clever: If a cooking zone operates at the same power level for an unusually long time, switch-off is automatic.
Lock function

Locking function

The lock function prevents unwanted adjustments to the selected power levels during cooking.
System lock

Safety and system lock

Extremely useful: both functions prevent accidental or unauthorized switching on of the Cooktop.
Fault monitoring
Integrated cooling blower

Integrated cooling blower

Miele quality ensures continual top performance for up to 20 years. For example thanks to the appliance's two-level cooling system. Fans draw in air and direct its flow specifically over important components and the electronic parts. The air is then blown out through the vents.
Overheating protection

Overheating protection and fault monitoring

Protects the Cooktop: The cooktop automatically switches off in the case of extreme heat.
Residual heat indicator

Residual heat indicator

Practical: The residual heat indicator reminds you not to touch the cooking zones when they are still hot.
Technical data 
Dimensions in in. (width)
42 5/8 (1,080)
Dimensions (depth) in in.(mm)
21 1/2 (544)
Built-in height with mains connection box in in.(mm)
4 7/8 (121)
Cutout dimensions in in. (width) with proud-mounted installation
40 3/4 (1,035)
Cutout dimensions in in. (depth) with proud-mounted installation
20 1/2 (518)
Total connected load in kW
Weight in lbs. (kg)
66 (30)
Power cord length in m
3 (1.2)
Standard accessories 
Connection wire

Installation sketch

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