H 6680 BP - 30 Inch Convection Oven with touch controls and MasterChef programs for perfect results.--Stainless steel/CleanSteel
  • with touch controls and MasterChef programs for perfect results.--Stainless steel/CleanSteel
  • Fascia/control panel-Stainless steel/CleanSteel-

H 6680 BP
30 Inch Convection Oven
with touch controls and MasterChef programs for perfect results.

  • TFT clear text display with touch operation - SensorTronic


    a 5-line TFT display with laterally positioned sensor controls present menu content clearly. The simple user interface is a particularly characteristic feature.
  • Perfect results with ease - - MasterChef Programs 

    MasterChef Program

    Choose from over 100 easy-to-use programs. Whether it is bread, cakes or meat - everything is prepared automatically.
  • Minimal cleaning effort - Self-cleaning


    Less cleaning effort: Automatic self-cleaning of the dirty cooking compartment at high temperatures.
  • Easy handling thanks to FlexiClip fully telescopic runners

    FlexiClip fully telescopic runners*

    Flexible and safe: You can baste, turn or remove food outside the cooking compartment without getting burned.
  • Plenty of room and versatility
  • Clean Touch Steel
  • Brilliant white
  • Obsidian black
Price: $ 4,999.00
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H6680 BP

Product details - H 6680 BP

Construction type 
Built-in wall oven
Appliance color
Clean Touch Steel
Control panel
Convenience features 
Precise temperature control
75 – 575 °F
75–575°F is equivalent to 30–300°C
Roast probe

Roast probe

No supervision needed: The countdown indicator gives information on when meat/fish has been cooked to perfection.
Operating modes 


Gentle on frozen food: frozen food is gently defrosted under ideal conditions using cool air.
MasterChef automatic programs
More than 100
Auto roast

Auto roast

Meat stays tender: Meat is seared at a high temperature and cooked to perfection with individual temperatures.
Gentle bake

Gentle Bake

Particularly energy-efficient: Perfectly succulent roasts or excellent oven bakes depending on model.


Designed for small quantities: Ideal for small amounts of food such as steak and sausages. Perfect every time.
Convection Bake

Convection Bake

Superbly light and fluffy: Ideal for gentle baking and roasting on up to three levels.
Intensive bake


Crispy bases, tasty toppings: For pizza, quiche or flans, the base will be crispy, the topping will be moist.
Slow roast

Slow Roasting

For perfect results: With low temperatures, meat recipes automatically become specialities.


Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results on all traditional baking and roasting dishes.


Perfect finish: The final touch - ideal for gratins, glazing and browning


Individual requirements: For dishes which need to be cooked in a bain marie or browned from below.
Convection Broil

Convection Roast

Crispy on the outside, succulent inside: Ideal for chicken, duck, joints, rolled meat and many other meat dishes.
Special modes

Special Modes

For extraordinary food preparation methods: user convenience with various special programs such as drying fruit.
Control panel 
ComfortSwivel handle

Convenient twist handle

Convenient opening and closing: The ergonomic twist handle makes operating the appliance door easy.
Search function automatic programs
Time of day display

Timer Function

Always on time: The start time, finish time and duration of the cooking process are easy to select.
Date display
Minute minder
Time buffer in h
Start-stop programming


Set the clock time, start time, end time, or duration of the cooking process quickly and with ease.
Automatic switch-off
Programmable cooking time


Set the clock time, start time, end time, or duration of the cooking process quickly and with ease.
Entry via number keypad
Actual temperature display
Default temperatures
Acoustic signal when desired temperature is reached
Sabbath program

Sabbath program

Program food up to 72 hours in advance: The unique Sabbath program allows long-term planning.
Individual settings

Individual settings

You decide: Language, signal tones, display brightness and much more can be individually adjusted.
CleanGlass door

CleanGlass door

Light-weight and uncomplicated: The door's smooth surface makes cleaning after roasting a pleasure.
Door contact switch
Door hinge side
Cavity volume in cu.ft(l)
4.59 (130)
No. of rack levels
Labeling of rack levels
No. of halogen lamps
TwinPower hot air fans

TwinPower Convection Blowers and Power Convection Blower

Quickly ready for use: 2 hot air blowers heat the oven very rapidly with optimum hot air distribution.
Cleaning convenience 
Stainless steel front with Clean Touch Steel surface

Clean Touch Steel™Front

No fingerprints on stainless steel: surface has special finish which keeps clean without special cleaning agents.
Unheated catalyzer


For self-cleaning: Reduces grease and odors Significantly reduces grease deposits and odors.
Foldable broil heater element
Efficiency and sustainability 
Energy-saving lighting circuit
Residual heat utilization

Residual Heat Utilization

Ecological and economical: Miele ovens turn off early and use residual heat to complete the cooking process.
Rapid PreHeat

Rapid PreHeat

For those who lead a busy life: If there's not much time for cooking, you will really appreciate this program.
Appliance cooling system with cool touch front
Safety cut-out

Safety functions

Your guardian angel: If you forget to switch off the appliance, the safety switch-off steps in for you.
System lock
Door contact switch
Door lock during self cleaning
Technical data 
Niche depth in in. (mm)
24 1/8 (610)
Appliance width in in.(mm)
28 3/8 (720)
Appliance height in in.(mm)
28 (711)
Weight in lbs. (kg)
184.53 (83.7)
Voltage in V
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Standard accessories 
Universal baking tray with PerfectClean
Self Clean ready baking and roasting rack
Connection wire
Connection wire with plug
Illustration(s) generic, for explanation