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The Range Series perfectly complement one another in terms of form, materials and functionality. The Miele Ranges Series consists of Ranges, Rangetops and Range Hoods, which are available in 30 in, 36 in and 48 in widths. Discover perfection of the highest level.
Range Hood
For every Range and every Rangetop, we offer the perfectly suited ventialtion hood. You can choose between an elaborate wall ventilation hood and an integrated ventilation hood which can be perfectly integrated into your kitchen environment.
Range dishwasher fascia panel
Featuring all the design elements to match your Range, the Range dishwasher panel fits all fully integrated dishwashers from the Miele line-up.
Free-standing cooking appliances consisting of an oven and a cooktop. The ovens and cooktops can each be gas or electric depending on whether you select an all gas, electric, or dual fuel range.
Features depend on model