Exclusive coffee blends for a refined taste

Look forward to perfect coffee enjoyment: To achieve this depends not only on the right preparation method but also on the quality of the coffee. For this reason we have created our own four coffee blends specifically for Miele Coffee Machines. Now you can prepare your coffee speciality, from Espresso to Latte Macchiato, with the perfect type of coffee. It takes dexterity and fine intuition to make Miele coffee. A family-run coffee roasting company achieves this by using particularly high-quality upland beans in a gentle drum-roasting process. The result: A harmonious and tangible aromatic coffee that creates amazing culinary enjoyment. All our coffee products are Fairtrade and organic certified* and can be ordered from the Miele online shop.
Miele Black Edition One for all
It ensures that your specialty coffees are always a success: Miele's Black Edition One for all is full-bodied with a subtle fruity note. This allows you to use the 100% Arabica blend for a wide variety of drinks, from Café Crema to any type of specialty coffee with milk.
Miele Black Edition Café Crema
Intensive enjoyment: The crema of a good Café Crema allows the aroma to fully unfold. With our special blend with its light and balanced aroma, you can create full-bodied flavor with a floral and fruity nuance. Of course, using 100% Arabica beans.
Miele Black Edition Espresso
A fresh take on a classic flavor: With the Miele Black Edition Espresso, you can create lively and particularly aromatic espresso. The mix: intensive flavor with a spicy chocolate note – created with Robusta and Arabica beans.
Miele Black Edition Decaf
With Miele's Black Edition Decaf you can enjoy all types of specialty coffees of the highest quality, without caffeine. The coffee blend is decaffeinated particularly gently using a special organic process. The aroma remains – you taste 100% Arabica, Fairtrade, and organic certified* like all of our coffee types.
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