Exquisite enjoyment from South America's highlands

The quality of the coffee is as important as the right preparation when creating the perfect cup. For this reason Miele has commissioned the creation of a Miele-own coffee: the Miele Black Edition N°1. This exclusive coffee was created specifically for Miele and with Miele coffee machines in mind. It can be ordered from the Miele online store (mielestore.com).
Miele's Black Edition N°1 coffee blend was composed specifically for Miele in cooperation with the Vollmer private roastery. Great care is taken when the beans are roasted in a gentle drum roasting procedure. This takes a little longer than an industrial-assembly-line roasting process and demands all the sensitivity of experienced masters in coffee roasting. The result is a highly harmonious and balanced blend comprising four fine hand-picked types of Arabica beans from South America. Particular attention has naturally been paid to fair trade and organic conditions.
For the Black Edition N°1, four types of high-quality Arabica beans from the highlands of South America were selected. As the name suggests, the Robusta plant is more robust than the Arabica and is less susceptible to diseases, however around the world the flavor of the Arabica bean is considered to be of a higher quality. The Arabica bean grows in higher altitudes, at heights of 1969 ft. to 6890 ft. (600 to 2100 m). Cultivated at an altitude of above 3280 ft.(1000 m), the Arabica bean is also known as "mountain" coffee, which stands for particularly high quality. The reason for this is that the low temperatures in high-altitude locations slow down the ripening process of the cherries. This gives the cherries more time to form acids and compounds that have a positive influence on the flavor.
Miele's Black Edition N°1 is certified as a fair trade product. Coffee has also been a pioneer in the field of fair trade products. Fair trade coffee is making a valuable contribution toward improving the living and working conditions of coffee growers and their families in developing countries and is also promoting the protection of the environment. Fair trade coffee is also directly traceable. 100 percent of the coffee originates from fair trade coffee cooperatives.
BIO certification*
Every company producing ecologically grown produce must be certified according to EU rules on organic farming in order to market products within the EU. This certification comprises the entire organic production chain – including growing, processing, transportation, warehousing, and trading. This means that not only our supplier Vollmer Kaffee, a family run coffee roasting company, is BIO-certified. Miele too is now for the first time BIO-certified* as warehousing agent and dealer in BIO coffee.
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