Built-In Coffee Machines

Which user interface do you prefer?

All Miele coffee machines are equipped with user-friendly controls. The display is always centrally located and the functions of the array of sensor controls beneath are directly accessible. Regardless of which user interface you choose – you are always guided logically and conveniently through every step.
M Touch: Achieving results fast with the innovative touch display. This display
enables you to operate the appliances quickly and intuitively by using touch controls or swiping your finger across
the clear text display. Many functions can be selected with a single touch of a
fingertip. The central display in white ensures that information is perfectly visible. Flagship models feature multi-color displays.
A speciality beverage is selected with a single touch of one of the symbols
positioned to the left of the display. Touch elements to the right of the display
navigate the operator through the different levels.
Features depend on model