High end design and technology on a large scale

With the development of the large capacity MasterCool™ appliances, Miele sets new standards. High-end design, impressive innovations and inimitable convenience features are combined in top of the range refrigeration appliances. With MasterCool™ you can experience enjoyment and convenience in a completely new way. From refrigerator to wine unit, a large variety of appliances in a variety of widths is available for your customized combination.
Impressive look
The impressive appearance of MasterCool™ appliances gives you an idea of the precision and devotion that was applied when selecting and working the materials. The inimitable appearance reflects the extreme attention to detail.
Unsurpassed quality
Perfection and precision of the highest quality. This begins when selecting the right materials. High-quality glass shelves, scratch-proof plastic and solid aluminum frames characterize the highest quality. Knowledge and experience are the best advisors on the path to high end products.
Design at its best
The unique interior features leave nothing to be desired. Horizontal lines emphasize the puristic design. The smooth, white lacquered side panels inside the appliance are easy to clean and contribute to perfect, glare-free illumination.
Maximum convenience
MasterCool™ appliances offer the best in terms of convenience each and every day, such as ideal food storage conditions, dispensing of ice and water, a brilliant light concept and convenient handling. MasterCool™ appliances meet exacting requirements of your everyday needs.
Features depend on model