Certified cleanliness and energy efficiency

Up to 40% faster while saving 25% electricity
The outstanding energy efficiency of the Miele W1 with IntenseWash 2.0 is confirmed by the German ecological institute Öko-Institut e. V. Under everyday conditions,* Miele Washing Machines with IntenseWash 2.0 wash up to 40% faster and up to 25% more economically than appliances from other reputable manufacturers with the highest energy efficiency rating – achieving the best cleaning performance at the same time.
Confirmed by independent experts
Confirmed by the wfk: QuickIntenseWash – A-rated wash performance in less than 1 hour
Thanks to QuickIntenseWash, your laundry will be as brilliantly clean in less than an hour as it would be after a normal two-hour program.
The appliance optimally adapts program duration and consumption of water, energy, and detergent for loads up to 2.2 lb (1 kg). Washing individual items has never been so quick and economical.
Quick and thorough: clean laundry in less than 1 hour.
Everyday situation: Program mix consisting of Cottons Eco 140 and 104°F (9 and 18 lbs load), Cottons 86, 104, 140°F, Minimum iron 104°F (9 lbs load) Features depend on model