Miele controls make cooking easy

Cooking zones are controlled with a central numerical keybank Power levels and times can be selected directly, quickly and intuitively. Particularly convenient: setting the timer is extremely easy.
DirectSelection Plus
This allows you to select power levels and times quickly and intuitively. For each individual cooking zone there is a backlit numerical display. The numerical display is not visible when switched off - for a minimalist, elegant appearance.
Power levels can be selected very quickly and intuitively. Each cooking zone has a numerical display with yellow backlighting. This makes the display easy to read from all directions. The timer can be set with even more convenience due to the separate selection of minute minder and safety shut-off as well as the 3-digit display.
SmartSelect White
These controls have the same convenience features as SmartSelect. They are in perfect harmony with the design of Generation 6000 built-in appliances. The white indicators ensure particularly good contrast and are easy to read.
Features depend on model