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15% Off Select Laundry Detergents

Save 15% on select Miele Powder, Liquid and Special-Purpose Detergents. Enter coupon code Laundry15 at checkout. Discount is only applicable to products listed below. 

Promotion valid on from May 26th through July 7th, 2021.

WA SP 252 L
Special detergent Sport 8.5 fl oz.
Perfect for breathable sports clothing
WA OU 252 L
Special detergent Outerwear 8.5 fl oz.
Perfect for high-quality outdoor and functional clothing
In stock
WA IM 252 L
Reproofing agent 8.5 fl oz.
Ideal for sports and rainwear
WA UC 2003 L
UltraColor liquid detergent 67.6 fl. oz.
for color and black garments.
In stock
WA UW 2502 P
UltraWhite powder detergent 2.5 kg
for optimum results with white and colour-fast textiles.
WA UC 1803 P
UltraColor powder detergent 4 lb
for color and black garments.
WA SE 1803 P
Powder det. for sensitive skin 4 lb
For optimum results on white textiles and dye-fast colors.
In stock
WA CSON 0901 L
Nature capsules
9-pack fabric softener for freshly scented laundry.
In stock
WA CSOC 0901 L
Cocoon capsules
9-pack fabric softener for freshly scented laundry.
WA CWC 0902 L
WoolCare capsules
9-pack of wool and delicates detergent. EasyOpen.
In stock
WA CBO 0601 L
Booster capsules
6-pack maximum strength stain remover.
WA CSC 0602 L
SilkCare capsules
6-pack of silk and delicates detergent. EasyOpen.
In stock
WA CDC 0601 L
DownCare capsules
6-pack special detergent for down fabrics.
In stock
WA COU 0601 L
Outdoor capsules
6-pack special detergent for high-quality functional clothing.
In stock
WA CCR 0302 L
CottonRepair capsules
3-pack of special detergent for cotton fabrics. EasyOpen. 
In stock
WA CIP 0301 L
ImpraProtect capsules
3-pack proofing agent for sportswear and waterproofs.
In stock
WA SO 1502 L
Fabric conditioner 0.39 gl
especially well-suited for all textiles made of terry cloth.
In stock
WA CSOA 0902 L
Aqua capsules
9-pack of fabric softener for freshly scented laundry. EasyOpen. 
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