A Huge Factor

When looking for ways to address this crisis, we don't have to look far. A small change in how we think about garment care can make a real difference.

  • It takes over 3,600 gallons of water to produce a single cotton t-shirt and pair of jeans! It also requires two pounds of pesticide, which can end up back in our water supply.
  • To manufacture the 450 million jeans sold in America each year, it takes more water than flows over Niagara Falls in a decade!
  • Globally, cotton production leads to nearly 210 billion cubic meters of water evaporation,* more than the entire volume of water in Lake Tahoe!
  • Cotton is planted on 2.4 percent of the planet's arable land, but accounts for 24 percent of all insecticide use.
  • Traditional clothes dyeing takes 7 to 75 gallons of water per pound of fabric. Each year synthetic textile dyeing consumes 2.4 trillion gallons of water. That's 3,700,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
*per year