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  Miele offers a variety of specialized laundry detergents and fabric softeners, each uniquely designed to meet your individual laundry care needs.

Whether you are in need of powerful cleaning results with gentle fabric care, reliable color protection or sensitive formulas, Miele provides the optimal cleaning solution.
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17 loads / bottle
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Special-purpose detergent for hiking wear, particularly garments with water- and wind-proof membrane. Use Miele Fabric Protector to reproof your garment after washing.

Even though today's technologically-advanced outerwear garments are durable enough to provide remarkable protection from the elements so you can comfortably enjoy hiking, climbing and camping, they require special handling. Miele Outdoor uses mild yet rugged ingredients to both gently remove stains and protect colors. It will also not disrupt or cause damage to water- and wind-proof garments' outer membranes so you can confidently brave the elements while you hit the trails, sleep under the stars or scale the highest of mountains.

Environmental benefit: Ingredients are biodegradable.

Form: Liquid
Fragrance: Low-key fragrance
Appearance: Reddish-colored liquid
Contents: 250 ml for 17 washes (regular soil)