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  Miele offers a variety of specialized laundry detergents and fabric softeners, each uniquely designed to meet your individual laundry care needs.

Whether you are in need of powerful cleaning results with gentle fabric care, reliable color protection or sensitive formulas, Miele provides the optimal cleaning solution.
Miele Sportswear
14 loads / bottle
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Special-purpose detergent for sportswear made from fabric blends, synthetics, fleece and microfibers.

Gently care for your sportswear and other activewear items with Miele Sportswear. Both the particularly mild tensides and the absence of a brightener keep your active wear fit and strong while maintaining their vibrant, attractive appearance. Miele Sportswear also has anti-static properties to keep you focused on your activities and not your clothing. No special additives also ensure the integrity of your fibers.

Environmental benefit: Ingredients are biodegradable.

Form: Liquid
Fragrance: Fresh fragrance
Appearance: Green liquid
Contents: 250 ml for 14 washes (regular soil)