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  Miele offers a variety of specialized laundry detergents and fabric softeners, each uniquely designed to meet your individual laundry care needs.

Whether you are in need of powerful cleaning results with gentle fabric care, reliable color protection or sensitive formulas, Miele provides the optimal cleaning solution.
Miele Ultra White Powder
48 loads / box
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Highly concentrated multi-purpose detergent for white or light-colored textiles and heavily soiled, colored fabrics.

Achieve optimum stain removal and keep your whites their brightest, even as you use temperatures as low as 104°F. Miele UltraWhite protects your fabrics by preventing encrustations and other fabric-damaging soil/stains.

Environmental benefit: Contains neither phosphates nor zeolites.

Form: Powder
Fragrance: Fresh fragrance of flowers and fruit
Appearance: White powder with blue pearls
Contents: 2.5 kg for 48 washes (regular soil)