To combat the severity of this health epidemic and the gravity of its impact, the federal government has passed the Clean Air Act requiring the EPA to set National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for the six air pollutants deemed most harmful to public health and the environment.2 Particulate matter (PM) constitutes one of these six most dangerous pollutants.

Fine particles originate from a variety of sources. Outdoors, they're generated by the 'usual suspects'... diesel trucks, fuel combustion and power plants.

What might be surprising to learn is that fine particles are polluting your indoor air quality as well - contaminating the very air your family breathes in the confines of your seemingly safeguarded home. These invisible culprits have many sources including wood stoves, air fresheners and most vacuum cleaners.

As a result of normal motor wear and tear, vacuum cleaners can actually pollute the air you breathe - exhausting millions of fine particles per minute. And, unfortunately, legislation has yet to be put in place to regulate these indoor polluters.

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