The Miele Network  
  The Miele Network is comprised of businesses, organizations and agencies whose efforts support the continued growth of Miele and also includes organizations with whom Miele shares common goals and interests.  
  Either by providing the public with information, resources, and support, or by serving the needs of our network of dealers who sell and distribute our products, all these groups have attained a special status with Miele. Our admiration and respect for these organizations typify Miele's "Forever Better" standards of excellence.  
  We encourage you to visit these sites, knowing that in some way, they share a common goal with us, provide information or resources for our customers, or act in the best interests of consumers all across the United States.  
Sierra Select Distributors
Luwa Distributing
Professional Associations
Information & Resources
Energy Star
  Disclaimer Notice  
  If you are a member of an organization who wishes to be inducted into the Miele Network, please send us an email by filling out this form.

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