• Miele vacuums backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal

    All Miele vacuums are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal

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  • Miele Range Series

    The Range that makes anything possible.

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  • Miele Generation 6000 Dishwashers

    Quietly, the Best Dishwasher in America.

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  • Miele MasterCool

    Tasting is believing.

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  • Miele HomeCare Vacuums

    HomeCare - A vacuum as custom as your home.

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Impeccable Taste

Miele Range Series

Let your passions run wild and re-imagine your daily routine, because there is nothing you can’t do with a Miele Range. With intuitive functionality and flawless design, your culinary adventure awaits.

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Miele Experience Centers

Whether you're a Miele owner, thinking of buying Miele or want to attend an exciting culinary event, the Miele Center is the destination for you.

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